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Clockwork Software Systems

Founded in 1987 and located in the West Midlands (UK) Clockwork Software Systems provide IT solutions for businesses on Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. Clients range from multi-nationals and large UK businesses to SMEs.

Software Solutions

For preference, we produce software applications licenced under Open Source licences because we believe this is beneficial to our customers and to us - find out why here.

We have a wealth of experience in developing and supporting software for business use within the UK. Our track record includes accounts, payroll, desktop solutions, job booking, contact management, email systems, bespoke applications, and much more.

Working closely with our customers, we develop software tailored to their specific business needs. Our development environment and methodology enables us to respond rapidly to changes in requirements and to keep up with changing technologies.  Here's how we do it.

Much of our development is based around our Thyme Rapid Development Environment, which is available as a free download (unsupported) or commercially, as a subscription-based and fully-supported product.

Hardware Solutions

We provide a number of businesses ranging from small independent garages to large national organisations, (predominantly around the West Midlands) with first line hardware support. We can supply a custom made solution ourselves, or if you prefer, IBM hardware - depending upon your requirements, and with IBM's massive commitment to the Linux operating system their platforms our customers can be confident that Open Source is here to stay. Our sister comapny, The Linux Emporium, is an online shop offering IBM and Lenovo laptops and notebooks, with VoIP hardware, wireless cards plus training and consultancy.

Systems Integration

Systems integration - ranging from providing web based interfaces to bespoke legacy Sculptor systems, to extracting data from your system to interoperate with others via open standards (e.g. XML) -  is an important part of our portfolio of products and services.

We have considerable experience in integrating proprietary and open source solutions, as well as migrating legacy applications to take advantage of current technologies.

Evolution, not revolution

At all times we aim to provide the right solution for your business. Our approach can often best be summarised as evolution, not revolution - meaning that we won't push you towards expensive and unnecessary solutions for our own benefit, and we will, if possible provide a painless migration from an old system to a newer one. We strive to maintain existing data interoperability and availability.


From blue-sky thinking about the best way forward for your business, to detailed investigations into any aspect of IT - Linux customisation, open-source solutions, Internet/Intranet, XML, legacy solution migration, integration of legacy systems with new technology etc - our consultancy services are available to any individual or organisation needing such a service. And through our wide-ranging contacts, if we can't help you ourselves, we'll probably know someone who can.


Our training courses in Python, Linux and other subjects are all designed to give delegates a practical understanding and to provide a solid foundation for ongoing skills development. Our expertise in Python, Linux, Sculptor integration, MS Windows and Unix allows us to give up to date training, reflecting the real world. Check out the no-frills training options for Python and VoIP available through our online shop, The Linux Emporium - the prices are very comptetitive.

We prefer to deliver our courses with a hands-on emphasis (plenty of practicals and real-world examples), and where possible tailored towards your specific needs.

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